VISENG BV is a Research & Development company that is active in the areas of polymers and composite materials. VISENG was founded in 2007 in The Netherlands. Our specialisms are bio-based thermosetting resins and composites.

Our ambition is to create added value by implementing bio-based elements into new or existing high performance materials. The aim reaches further than only developing renewable materials. Strengthening competiveness by higher quality products including new application areas and optimized production processes are essential within our R&D.

Our activities
Our core activity is polymer research. The research capacity of VISENG comprises polymer synthesis, analysis, testing and processing. We developed several bio-based thermosetting resins which can be used with a filler material or a fiber reinforcement to obtain composites. VISENG uses fibers or fillers which can be of inorganic or organic origin such as glass, carbon, sand, wood and cellulose.